Bryant Pkwy. Extension


Review Project Documents

Review the exhibits and project documents. You can find information about the project study, its potential impacts, and environmental information in these documents.

Please review the exhibits and meeting information prior to the live session to help with your understanding of the project and to help generate any questions you may have.

Environmental Assessment

Appendices A, B, C
Agency and Tribal Coordination
Proposed Roadway and Bridge Details
Threatened and Endangered Species

Appendix D
Initial Site Assessment

Appendices E-F
Section 4(f) De Minimis Evaluation
Cultural Resources

Appendix G
Traffic Noise Analysis

Appendix H
Preliminary Jurisdictional Determination (PJD)
and Wetland Delineation Report

Appendix I
Public Involvement

Public Hearing Packet

 Project Summary Sheet

Typical Sections

Environmental Impacts Table

Environmental Constraints Map

Traffic Study for Bryant Pkwy. Extension (S)